Marketing Committee Meeting 20220527

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Date: 2022-05-27
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

Summary of the day
Meeting led by: Diego
Meeting notes and follow-up actions: Diego
Attendance list: Diego, Carlos, Eugene, Chuck

  1. What's new from this week?
    • Bug fixes
      • IDEMPIERE-4863 Enable save column width in WListBox - fix for System user
      • IDEMPIERE-5292 Function dump not replaced for postgres
      • IDEMPIERE-5296 Firefox 100: Horizontal scroll is broken for Grid with Frozen
    • Performance Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-3294 Process Audit generate unused AD_PInstance_Para
    • Development Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-4723 remove minor warning in eclipse
      • IDEMPIERE-5014 Improve efficiency of Query for large result sets - using Stream
    • Usability Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5275 Tabular Report Re-Query button/close paramater window
      • IDEMPIERE-5291 Process Parameter Panel - Hidden Parameters Should Not Take Empty Space
    • Technical Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5289 Apply Packin from Folder is stopping when sending email throws error (FHCA-3601)
  2. Proposal for Open source summit Europe 2022
    • The deadline is too close to apply to this year's open source summit. We want to explore tthe idea of dedicate a meeting to creating a panel proposal on our website that someone could find and pursue us. What do we want to world to know about our project? What do we want to be invited to talk about?
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