Marketing Committee Meeting 20211203

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Date: 2021-12-03
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

Summary of the day
Meeting led by: Diego
Meeting notes and follow-up actions: Diego
Attendance list: Diego, Carlos, Eugene, Chuck

  1. What's new from this week?
    • Bug fixes
      • IDEMPIERE-1250 Multiple BOM (formulas) support for mfg-light
      • IDEMPIERE-4428 Wrong report parameters from window search
      • IDEMPIERE-5006 [Info Window] - MInfoProcess & MInfoRelated cached incorrectly
      • IDEMPIERE-5040 Stall M_InOutLine.QtyOverReceipt
      • IDEMPIERE-5050 Service startup freeze
      • IDEMPIERE-5052 Date Min/Max Validation wrong with 5 digit years
      • IDEMPIERE-5054 Order Line: Shouldn't allow change of ASI when Qty Reserved > 0
      • IDEMPIERE-5058 Pack In from a tenant print format just packed out throws cross tenant error because of Print Paper
      • IDEMPIERE-5064 Lookup Record Dialog on Reports is unusable / IDEMPIERE-4472
      • IDEMPIERE-5066 Order Line Create Production not visible in the process toolbar dropdown
    • Usability Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5068 Improvement to report viewer find dialog
    • Functional Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-1302 Validate flag IsPurchased and IsSold on Price List, Order, InOut, and Invoice
    • Technical Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-5059 Import the database view definition into dictionary
      • IDEMPIERE-5060 iDempiere dictionary view doesn't support UNION ALL
      • IDEMPIERE-5061 Inconsistency in getLines Order By code
    • Unit tests
      • IDEMPIERE-5063 Add sales order warehouse change unit test
  2. Community Test Day
    • Low participation perceived on community test day 1.
    • Vanessa contributed an image to boost motivation.
  3. Version 9 Name
    • Survey version name is live!
  4. Suggestion for next community events:
    • Suggestion-
    • we have a vote
    • we publish results of the vote with names)))
  5. Documentation cleanup
    • We make a call in the forums to clean:!
    • @carlosruiz proposes to create, for example, 2 categories:
      • CandidateForDeletion (when the page is obsolete, and useless or inaccurate)
      • CandidateForObsoleteNotice (when the page is obsolete, but contains useful information)
    • thats' a very simple step that anybody can help and at the end - we collect that an decide
    • We could ask also for cateogrizing with the 4 categories of documentation:
      • tutorial
      • how-to guide
      • explanation
      • reference
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