Marketing Committee Meeting 20210702

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Date: 2021-07-02
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

Summary of the day
Meeting led by: Diego
Meeting notes and follow-up actions: Diego
Attendance list: Diego, Carlos, Eugene, Chuck, Heng Sin

  1. What's new from this week?
    • Bug fixes
      • IDEMPIERE-4839 BUGFIX: Extensions.getQuickEntryService() - fixed cache management issue (master)
      • IDEMPIERE-4415 Window Toolbar, report popup flickering
      • IDEMPIERE-4824 Boolean Logic Expression Enhancements (master)
      • IDEMPIERE-4843 MInvoice.setBPartner method retrieves inactive contacts
      • IDEMPIERE-4847 TableIndexValidate: include only active columns in table index
      • IDEMPIERE-4849 fix for MProduction.createLines() storage issue
      • IDEMPIERE-4855 Records of Tab level 2 disappear in particular case.
      • IDEMPIERE-4856 Setting an attribute with type reference doesn't work in german / IDEMPIERE-2999
      • IDEMPIERE-4859 PackOut with AD_Menu (AD_TreeNodeMM) (FHCA-1374)
    • Functional Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-2937 Html Report - Suppress Null checkbox doesn't work
      • IDEMPIERE-4227 Unable to use 2 print format item with the same AD_Column_ID and different formatting
      • IDEMPIERE-4829 Add SeqNoGrid on UserDefWindow (master)
      • IDEMPIERE-4851 Tenant Admin can deactivate his own client.
      • IDEMPIERE-4853 Process to copy a Packout definition (FHCA-859)
      • IDEMPIERE-4860 MRole.updateAccessRecords insert active records based on deactivated objects (master)
    • Security Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-4806 System Configurator window must be Advanced
    • Development Improvements
      • IDEMPIERE-3856 reportstart: switch query process by process_id instead of AD_PInstance_ID
      • IDEMPIERE-4578 generic DocAction (master)
      • IDEMPIERE-4850 JasperReport: Implement ResourceBundle backed by AD_Message and AD_Element (master)
      • IDEMPIERE-4861 GenerateModel / Reference List / Use Value for ordering (master)
  2. Donation initiative - follow up
    • We use @barg4barg text with small changes
    • We add "donations and contributions"
    • We do not sign the message
    • We change the but in the sentence for: "Every donation from you counts, especially helpful are monthly donations since they help maintain a stable pace of our efforts to stay ahead of the future"
    • We add here the community events funding (conference, surveys) to the "Where does your donation go?" section.
    • We can discuss in a future meeting the donors groups tags. Wordpress uses these groups: Sustainer, Underwriter, Supporter, Giver.
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