Marketing Committee Meeting 20200619

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Date: 2020-06-19
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

  1. What's new from this week?
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes this week. No new features or functionality
  2. Hero of the month results
    • Nicolas is the winner of the hero of the month and I will proceed to contact him regarding the Q&A.
  3. Continuation of last meeting's "Communication for features, plugin and theme developer/teams." - Guidelines and topics mentioned by Eugene
    • We create the wiki wall and a link there to the forum thread of the announcement from the person working on a feature and a link to the support channel to discuss the topic. The wall wiki page should be added to the main wiki page
    • Guidelines
      • Minimum to the announcement:
        • Feature description including: purpose, goal, initial approach (technology, frameworks, etc...)
        • Person's name
        • Feature status (idea, alpha, beta, in development).
      • Only add to the wall if the developed project will be open - not private repositories.
      • No asking for sponsorship. It is about teamwork to develop the idea.
  • How can you help? Call to action
    • Help creating the wiki wall page template with the mentioned guidelines (Eugene propsed himself to create a prototype of such page).
    • Look for the recent initiatives that haven't got enough attention and direct the authors to the new wall page (desired).