Marketing Committee Meeting 20200424

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Date: 2020-04-24
Time: 12:00 UTC
Venue: Mattermost - Channel: Marketing
Called by: Marketing Committee

You can find the detailed meeting here:

Summary of the day:

  1. Triage day. What to do and how to do it?
    • Make a poll to ask which day would be better for everyone. One on FB, one in google Forms. Diego will be in charge of summarizing results and adding them up in a single result
    • Filter to be used for the triage day:
    • The team leaders could decide what is a valid time passed since a ticket was created and lost interest to close it due to "Lack of interest from the community" before the triage day and have a cleaner list
    • Diego will review the information discussed on the meeting about availability times from the project leaders and make a proposal to proceed with the poll.