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This page is a starting point for collaboration and coordination of community efforts.

iDempiere is widely used - and is being widely developed. Smart guys and persistent teams from different parts of the world are creating new code every day building on the foundation of iDempiere enterprise platform.

They make plans for their efforts. You make plans for yours. Let’s make our plans and efforts visible to each other. Let’s share. Let’s combine our efforts. Let’s avoid duplication of effort.

So, if you plan to start working on some feature or you are already working on it we kindly invite you to:

  1. Make a proud announcement in our public forum
  2. Use Joined_Efforts tag there for better searching if you use classic version of Groups. (New version of Groups has a labels functionality still in the works)
  3. Fill the table below. The Feature status can be any of these values: idea, alpha, beta, in development, stable, POC (proof of concept). The better you explain the goal of the feature, the more likely you are to draw attention from others, so be as specific as possible.

P.S. We assume that doing so you declare your resulting code to be open to the community. Also, we consider this page to be not suitable for sponsor search. For sponsor search you may use Market place page

Feature you plan to build (purpose, technology, frameworks) Feature status (idea, alpha, beta, in development) Your name Link to your announcement and discussion in our forum
Rest API. There are many REST API plugins available for iDempiere. I think the community should work on stabilizing one and using that one as a standard. I checked the available ones and Heng Sin's plugin looks like the best one to take as a starting point, it is generic and not developed for a single specific case. Beta Diego Ruiz (I am interested in improving the API, all the initial work has been done by Heng Sin Low) GitHub repository / Forum
Blockchain integration. This Hyperledger Fabric (blockchain for business) integration can give new features for enhanced interoperability privacy, security, traceability and reliability you business. Alfa Peter Shepetko Forum
Your great feature here Alpha Your name Link

If you are interested in and want to join efforts in any of the above-mentioned projects please don't hesitate to contact the others in their respective announcement forum thread or write them in the support channel in Mattermost telling them what you're interested in, your feedback (can be ideas, design, similar work that you've done).

Really, community-powered enterprise!