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Market Place

Here you can offer a bounty for a feature you want to have in iDempiere or sponsor a feature request listed by developers.

How a bounty works:

Here you can start a thread requesting a specific feature for a given amount of money. If you don't have a price in mind or aren't sure of the level of effort required for your desired feature, you can make a post without a specific price. Typically bounties are posted in US Dollars.

Please be specific about the functionality you desire.

Feel free to join a bounty with others if you're all interested in the same functionality.

Bounty name Description Price Contact

How a feature sponsoring request works:

Here you can publish a feature sponsoring request as an developer or someone who needs partners to sponsor a feature.

Describe your feature and add a number in USD you need for implementation.

Feature sponsoring request Description Price Contact
Flyway integration Flyway is an agile database migration framework for Java. It can help to manage database migrations for software developers and helps to speed up automatic migration of database to specific version. I think integration and documentation will take up to 5 days. 2500 USD User:Banym