JPIERE-0003:Apply Currency Precision for Display

From iDempiere en
OSS ERP Solutions


  • (Fundamental Rule) Apply “Currency Precision” for display, if Format Pattern is Null.
  • In spite of Display type is “Amount” or “Costs+Prices”, Display currency precision of iDempiere apply the decimal point second place. I think this specification need to improve for currency that is not the decimal point second place.
  • I think best that if “Format Pattern” of “Amount” and “Costs+Prices” are null, apply “Currency Precision” for display. If “Format Pattern” is not null, Apply “Format Pattern” for display basically.
  • “Web-UI” and “Swing-UI” refer to “Format Pattern” at table of AD_Column. If “Format Pattern” at table of AD_Column is null and “Display Type” is “Amount” or “Costs+Prices”, apply “Currency Precision” for Display.

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