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- Work in progress


In this section you will find overviews which have been presented at the 2019 iDempiere world conference. I am very grateful to many valuable comments during the conference.

In the conference slides you can also find a number of comments on the ideas and purpose of the diagrams to ease the understanding of diverse general aspects of iDempiere, especially to give more orientation for different stakeholders who work with iDempiere.
Here you find the link to the conference slides: How to communicate the iDempiere Architecture

The provided diagrams are organized in a number of subsections based on the interested stakeholders shown in the figure below.

Stakeholder Overview

Stakeholder Overview.png

List of stakeholder-focussed diagrams

Dedicated diagramms for ERP-Admins are planned but not ready. At the moment parts of it are covered in the section for the ERP-Developer. There you find two main groups one with the parameterized customizing which often is performed by an ERP-Admin and second the change of system functions by programm code which is task of the ERP-developer.

Further comments on status and modelling tool used

The work on the different models of iDempiere will be continued and so, please, send suggestions for improvements or additional diagrams and overview to me User:Frank Wolff.

I can also provide the XML files of the models for others to make translations or versions of their own. The toolset used is from the OpenModelling Project OMIlab from Unviersity of Vienna and BOC. They provide the Bee-up tool (with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac) for free, although it is not Open Source.

Link to OMILab and Bee-up project

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