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General Notes

The Models all focus on orientation in the quite extensive technical sphere of iDempiere. This is most notably in the graphical data models which are shown here. They only show the major classes of some important areas. For more detailed information you have to dive into more technical parts of the documentation e.g. the generated data diagrams of the over 800 classes in the tables of iDempiere. Please see here:


Functional overview

Domain components and data exchange.png

Master Data

Master Data overview

Domain Master Data Overview.png

Master Data - Business Partner details

Domain Master Data Business Partner Details.png

Operational Data

Operational Data overview

Domain Operational Data basic typse with typic Rels.png

Operational Data - Overall overview

Domain Operational Data Overview with typ Rels.png

Operational Data - Detailed for options of Sales document flow

Domain Operational Data Sales with Flow options.png

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