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  1. Items selected from
  2. Training for 5 days "intense training"
  3. Over all 30 lesson periods (each 45 minutes) guided training
  4. 10+ periods free training time
  5. Instructors will be experienced persons of the ADempiere project.
  6. Examination at the end of the training
  7. Certificate of the passed tests "ADempiere Administration and Functional Training" (german and

english copy)

What to Learn

  • Sponsoring company will select from
  • You can administer the basic installation with creation of new tenants, user & rights management.
  • You can extend the given data tables and create new ones to fulfil new requirements in a given installation.
  • You learn how to modify and create all kinds of reports, financial reports and their print format.
  • You learn how to upgrade and migrate your installation or maintain it yourself.
  • You learn about the structure of the worldwide project, how to find the right documentation, how to become a member of the community, how to earn merits and respect and get help from others in the given project structure.

Calendar Week

Refer to main page.


  • Red1 (talk) covering basic to intermediate aspects
  • Carlos Ruiz covering advanced aspects and quick tips and tricks.