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Table of Contents | Install Prerequisites | Downloading Installers | Installing from Installers

Instead of creating your own installers as shown in Creating Installers section, most probable you will like to download pre-cooked installers for you.

Continuous Integration Installers

Daily Installers

Daily builds for all platforms (windows, linux, mac and solaris) can be found here (these installers DO NOT require application of migration script on database seed):

There you can download the server installer and their corresponding MD5 checksum for each platform, use:

*           for Linux 32 bits
*        for Linux 64 bits
*     for Windows 32 bits
*  for Windows 64 bits

NOTE there are also Debian Installers there, but to install these you must follow the Debian Installer Guide:

*gtk.linux.x86_64.deb for Debian/Ubuntu 64 bits
*gtk.linux.x86.deb    for Debian/Ubuntu 32 bits

Daily Installers for r5.1

The version 5.1 is maintained, you can find daily installers for this version at:

Release Installers

You can find the official installers for each release (with corresponding MD5 checksum) at sourceforge:

Please note that iDempiere has became a rolling update maintenance - so, the version you download from sourceforge can be outdated and is recommended to update your plugins and database after installing this version

Own Installers

You can find the guides to create your own installers at:

This tutorial is brought to you by Carlos Ruiz from GlobalQSS. Feel free to improve directly or suggest using the Discussion tab.