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I am a computer engineering student in the university of Buea. I live in Buea with my parents and software engineering is my passion. I have a dream of opening my own software company in Cameroon to provide the technological needs of Cameroon and to provide employment opportunities. Camerooninan companies use foreign software and technology which shows weakness and dependence.

My Dreams

I wish to build ERP software, accounting software, management software,mobile apps in Cameroon.Why should we continue to use others products. Why cant a .com millionaire be a Cameroonian? why cant we use our own software or improve on ours?why cant we improve on the cyberspace of Cameroon?

BUGS with the OpenBravo POS

1. When the mouse hovers around an icon, it should display the functionality of that icon.It makes browsing easier. But it doesnt with OpenBravo, one just has to assume that the icon below is a save. Save.png What about other icons which are unfamiliar, What do we do???


I love the idea of the steve Job's projects but to be sincere, i have not yet understood how we are going to participate in the projects. Are we loooking for bugs in other pupil's projects or we are building our own software or apps to hit the technology world?

Please i need a clearer mission statement of the steve job's projects and our tasks in this training. Thanks

Jim, i answered here User_talk:Jimmafeni - Red1 (talk) 18:21, 7 August 2014 (CEST)