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Who is Red1?

Almost did not make it in the History of ADempiere. Once upon a time is more known for its Compierean delights. He explores a new Software Business Model and loves killing SAP, I mean contributing blockbusters. He adopts Linus' Circle of Trust in his projects nowadays.

Bazaar model - Oct 2011

Red1's Other Mantras

Getting Red1

  • The cliche way of getting red1's attention is to send him email at red1(at)
  • The ingenious way is to sign his (its locked due to spam)
  • The honourable way is to contribute or write in the Forums
  • Get his new resume by writing in to his email.
  • Show your appreciation to him at PayPal account: red1(at)
  • You can always drop by my farm! :)

What am I doing?

Spreading The Word

Spread it wide - June, 2007
In the news

Digging Into The Pie

  • 2011 begins with a bang upgrading Windows Installer, doing lots of QA Testing Integration.
  • Really deep into OSGI HengSin, getting to know more from our Master Developer.
  • Diving into the deep end at Talk:Mercurial Test Environment - 17:23, 26 August 2010, and now reviewing OSGI HengSin - 08:14, 14 December 2010 (UTC)
  • Learnt how to upgrade AVA. Now i have to cut down the bloated image size! - 21:41, 21 October 2007
  • Installed 2Pack Fixed Assets and Libero Manufacturing
  • Testing and helping out Rob's WebUI - 00:22, 17 June 2007
  • Setting up and mastering Posterita
  • Institutionalising ADempiere - ADempiere Institute & Center of Excellence
  • Preparing to conquer Europe (bad time, remember former dictators lost in the winter)
  • Giving up on conquering my own country, Malaysia
  • Thinking of returning to China, my 5th generation before homeland
    • The term conquering here refers to spreading one's open source influence, and not one's genetical code

My Little Potpourri of Other Works

With VP of MDec, Govt Official of MAMPU, and Arafat - Harian Metro, 13th May, 2009
Promoting ADempiere as solution for International Logistics Hub - MOU signed on behalf of ADempiere.ASIA and State Govt of Perak

My Backyard

Meeting with Thai's PM - October 2010

red1 has some pet projects done with Open Source that he loves to get cracking again, if they are takers out there or if he retires anytime soon:

  • University ERP from student admission via the web right to virtual classroom learning. Beats Moodle and Blackboard the last time i checked. But it is been quite some time, so if there is a contract on this, i can sharpen my light sabre.
  • Cli-CE_Project where we can have an incoming caller ID via IP-PABX pull up the ADempiere CRM info and any associated info user wants. Done in Compiere 253 days, and will appreciate if there is a contract for me to play with this further. I like to continue to Short Messaging Service (SMS) notification for CRM and mobile ERP for ADempiere.
  • CivilWorks was first started during my heydays in Compiere 251d with the ProgressClaims for a large construction firm, but Rasidi|User:Racd|Rasidi almost finished it now in Red Pear PLC.

Scrap Notes of a Mac User

  • /Users/red1/Documents/workspace/adempiereTrunk/migration/ - postgresql.pgdata=/Library/PostgreSQL/8.3/data
  • Eclipse/Configurations/Environment - LANG/LC_ALL = en_US.UTF-8
  • Now upgraded to Mac Lion - postgres has different path (google to find out)
  • utils_dev/ need to comment out:
if [ ! -f $JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar ] ; then
echo "** Need full Java SDK **"

red-wvp8n55987 yellow-sdfg87dfg456 my son my airline green-3n9469dbfnl ananda fine-w3fon387f4y

  • Your migration script is in cd /var/folders/h1/

Reference Letters

From a conglomerate in the Philippines
From a beer distribution company in Germany
  • The documents are issued after much evangelizing, presentation and concept proving workshops.
  • They do not serve any official purpose nor are prejudicial to any other party.
  • At best they serve as simple letters of goodwill and support to my open source approach for a viable eco-system that is competitive against proprietary ERP salesmanship.
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