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Dr. Stanley Mungwe and I (Red1 (talk)) have agreed to form a new NGO here in Africa called KAfrica Foundation (KF), to help quantum leap Africa into the 21st century of cyberspace economy without requiring any industrial age infrastructure. Just electricity and Internet access. The Steve Jobs Project‎ to create 3 Cameroonian dotcoms in Silicon Valley by 2020 is its flagship initiative to demonstrate this strategy in practice.

  • Battle-cry proposed is 'Africa's Quantum Leap'
  • It seeks to build relevant content for resource and reference by African institutions and individuals that wish to participate in the K-Economy with its debilitating constraints and challenges.
  • Its activities (which already began) is to conduct conferences, radio and TV talk shows propagating its strategy and tactics that can hasten the above objective.
  • It already received interest from the top Catholic Church University here in Buea, Cameroon.
    • KAfrica shall provide e-University ERP with remote E-Learning environment applications to be developed within the KAfrica School of IT (KSI) proposed to be at the campus grounds of Catholic Church University and eventually distributed for use via the Catholic Church world wide network and the public as free software.
  • It invites more African institutions preferably academies to be part of its board of trustees.
  • It invites more African highly qualified professionals to be part of its panel of advisers.
  • It is not for profit but can accept contributions and shall publish its activity and accounts openly.