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Libero HR Payroll

Core Plugin Guide A step-by-step guide for a complete Payroll cycle from master data setting right through to ac- counts posting and invoice payment. Well-illustrated including developer advice.

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Redhuan D. Oon (RED1) April, 2013 written while in Krefeld, GERMANY, Moscow and Trans-Siberian railway, RUSSIA.

Cover photo is of a man-hole cover that has the coat-of-arms of Krefeld, a small town in Germany. You can see an image of a headless man carrying his head in one arm. That is the first bishop of Paris, St. Dionysius, beheaded in year 272 for his missionary work. He was offered to save the lives of the other condemned members in his mission if he can walk past them after his decapitation. According to legend, he did so, walking for some kilometers before succumbing, in the process saving 8. This man-hole lies in the middle of the cross-road of streets lined with colorful small shops, many with modern designs,. At one end of the street behind me, bears the church built in 1752 to honour his sainthood.

- Picture taken with a Sony XPeria Go Krefeld is the venue of the first conference on iDempiere this month of May, which hails the participation for the first time of our amazing contributor, Low Heng Sin, who has never been to Europe and was not keen of the idea of sitting on the plane for 12 hours straight. However he gets the chance to come face to face for the very first time with Carlos Ruiz, our best and only software release master, whom he has been working so closely via the Internet for the last 7 years. I am here in Krefeld the month before to ensure that all preparations go smoothly.

- April 8, 2013

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Вступление 6


Setup! 10

Terminology 10

Installing Libero HR plugin 11

Alternative Pack In 13

Role Access Update 14

GardenWorld Sample Setup! 15

Sample Data Script 15

Payroll Contract (Variable Definition) 16

Payroll Department 16

Payroll Job 17

Payroll Concept (Variable) 18

Payroll Concept Catalog Window 18

Concept Accounting Tab 20

Concept Ordering 20

Payroll Definition 21

Payroll Concepts 21

Calendar Year 22

Generate Periods 22

Payroll Employee Window 23

Using the Zoom function for New Records 24

Attribute Tab (Activity) 25

Payroll Processing! 27

Payroll Process Window 27

Payroll Movement (Transactions) 29

Generate Payroll Invoices 30

Generate Payroll Payments 31

Modifying Libero HR Payroll! 33

Modifying the Document Type in Generate Invoice 33

Modifying the Code 35

Doc_HRProcess Class 35

MHRProcess Class 36

Rule Scripts 38

Project Protocol! 40

Project Version 40

Source Repository 40

Project Forum for Support 40

Contact 40