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New iDempiere's NSIS scripts and Windows Installer

There is a new and updated iDempiere windows installer made by Ing. Tatioti Mbogning Raoul(tatiotir). He have modified the original NSIS scripts making a lot of changes. This will be kept alive as a continuation of the great work by Red1. He has also made NSIS scripts to generate a 64 bits iDempiere's installer for 64 bits operating systems.

iDempiere NSIS Scripts

The new NSIS scripts are available and documented at this page : IDempiere_Installer_NSIS_Script_Documentation

iDempiere Windows Installer

The new installer is available and documented at this page : New_Windows_Installer

'Ⅰ' IDempiere installation [for windows7 OS refer only]:

1.0 Install database postgresql 9.1.

1.0.1 parameter:(C:\PostgreSQL),(port:5432).

1.0.2 edit "pg_hba.conf".

2.0 Install java 1.6.(JAVA 1.7 will be ok)

2.0.1 parameter:(C:\jdk1.6.0_24).

3.0 setup environment;

3.0.1 parameter:creat three new HOME as follow:JAVA_HOME = C:\jdk1.6.0_24,

3.0.2 IDEMPIERE_HOME = C:/idempiere-server,

3.0.3 POSTGRE_HOME = C:\PostgreSQL,

3.0.4 path: add"C:\jdk1.6.0_24\bin;"and"%POSTGRES_HOME%\bin;"to the front of the path.

3.1 open cmd to test wether path is setup succefull:cmd /k path. (no necessary).

4.0 Install IDempiere on windows7 OS.

4.0.1 Unzip the server install package which you have downloaded or creat to the" C:/idempiere-server".

4.0.2 Navigate to the idempiere-server folder, for example." C:/idempiere-server".

4.0.3 you can run " C:/idempiere-server/setup".

4.0.4 This must open the same window that was shown at Running iDempiere within Eclipse and it can be filled in a similar way.

( You can fill the parameters as shown in the screenshot, or with your own preferred values, specially you must take care of the following: Idempiere Home: This is the repository folder. Web Port / SSL: be careful to not use a port that is already used by another application, in linux ports below 1000 cannot be used by non-root users.

For example port 8080 is used by Oracle-XE. Database Name: here we fill with the name of the database created on Importing DB Seed page. DB Admin Password: this box must be filled with the postgres password,

if you don't know which is please refer to postgres documentation about how to set it up. Database Password: here we fill with the password you provided when created the Idempiere user.

4.0.5 run "C:/idempiere-server/utils/RUN_ImportIdempiere".

4.0.6 run " C:/idempiere-server/setup".change Database Sever from "localhost" to "computername" (for example"computer win7"),then save.

4.0.7 run idempiere server. open " C:/idempiere-server/idempiere-server"。 open chrome to enter:“computer win7:8080”,enter to open the web。 userID(email)/password: system @, SuperUser @

4.1.0 [For detailed information,please see Adempiere 360 manual. url:]

5.0 Import language package(For example:zh_CN)

5.0.1 upzip “”to“C:/idempiere-server/data”

5.0.2 you can navigate in your preferred browser to the address:“computer win7:8080”。login with user/password:"system @".

5.0.3 System admin---->general rule---->system rlue---->language."zh_CN,Chinese (China)",select “system language”,save and close。

5.0.4 System admin---->general rule---->system rlue---->Translation import/export. --client:system,--language:Chinese (China),--table:keep it blank. select "import",then ,select:“C:/idempiere-server/zh_CN”,click OK

5.0.5 System admin---->general rule---->synchronize terminolongy. wait it to complete.

5.0.6 Log out Idempiere.

5.0.7 relogin Idempiere. It will be OK.

'Ⅱ' User guide

* ---  writing...

- login

        Email: admin @  (or others)
     Password: GardenAdmin               
  select role:  check it(✓)
         Role: GardenWorld Admin
 Organization: *                        (select"*" you can view all Org in the client)
         date:                         (keep it default).

- initial you can use the lookup which on the left top of the windows.It can guide you go to the menu directly.

First,you should initial the client data. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  - organization.
  - warehouse and locator
  - calendar and year and period
  - bank account and cashbook
  - role and user.
  - business partner(contact,adress,bank account)
  - product(you should enable product attributes after you setup it)
  - product attributes
  - price list
  - creat and update product cost (It`s necessary)
  - ...and others which you need.


- Business Process

-On sale: quote-to-invoice (sales order,shipment,package,sale invoice,order detail Report)
-On purchase: requisition-to-invoice (purchase order, material receipt,invoice(vendor))
-Settlement Center: open item (Accoumt payment/receipt)
- Return.(customer RMA, vendor RMA)
- material management (product, price list, inventory count, inventory move,sotrage detail, ship/receive confirm)......

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