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Wanda POS Installation Guide

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Wanda POS

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Wanda POS

Revision sheet

Release No. Date Revision Description
Rev. 0 Thursday, October 16, 2014 Installation Guide

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

Java Runtime Environment [JRE1.6]

Recommended requirements

Java Runtime Environment [JRE 1.8 or higher]
POS Integration Plugin for iDempiere


a. System Overview

Wanda POS is a Point of Sale. It keeps track of all cash coming into or going out of a business by monitoring purchase of supplies and raw materials and sales of finished products. This system is extensible and suitable for all sorts of businesses, be them restaurants, stores, malls or supermarkets. It can be configured to meet the particular needs of the business in question.

b. Product References

Reference Description Link
Wanda POS Support For users who seek support on certain issues concerning Wanda POS [ http://wandaapos.com/support.html]
Wanda POS Download Link to download the latest version of Wanda POS [ http://sourceforge.net/projects/wandaposdapos/files/latest/download?source=files]
Wanda POS Developers Support For developers who are interested in working on Wanda POS
Support Libraries for Wanda POS For other libraries needed for smooth operation of WandaPOS [ http://sourceforge.net/projects/wandaposdapos/files/]
Wanda POS Site For users who want to visit the Wanda POS website [ http://www.wandaapos.com]
Wanda POS wiki For those who want to meet the real gurus behind the success of Wanda POS [ http://sourceforge.net/p/wandaposdapos/wiki/Home/]

c. Authorized Use Permission

Wanda POS is a free and open source project. It is governed by the GNU Public license. As such, anybody is free to copy any part or all of the code and modify as they please. However, whatever development made as such must be uploaded and made open source for the world to benefit from.

d. Points of Contact

i. Help Desk

Contact Name Contact Type Department Telephone E-mail/Web
Redhuan D. Oon Project guru ERP Systems 76781554 red1(at)red1-dot-org
Dr. Stanley Mungwe Project leader Medical Surgery 79910862 sales(at)itkamer-dot-com
Eyog Yvon Leonce Developer & Tester Software Engineering 72469067 grandeyl(at)gmail-dot-com
Tatioti Mbogning Raoul Senior Developer & Tester Software Engineering 70043657 tatiotir(at)itkamer-dot-com
Sondi Michael Raphael Developer & Support Networks Engineering 76724430 mikaelsondi(at)gmail-dot-com
Fonyuy Taryuni Isidore Developer, Support & Documentation Software Engineering 77952965 Isidore(at)itkamer-dot-com

ii. Coordination

This is a point of sale. Hence, Wanda POS alone cannot perform any accounting operations. To get this ability to perform various accounting tasks such as tracking profits and losses and providing business/managerial advice and predictions. Wanda POS works hand-in-glove with iDempiere. IDempiere is an ERP system which Wanda POS uses to be able to perform accounting operations.


Downloading the Software

Just in case you don’t have the software yet and want to download it.
Visit the Wanda POS source forge page by clicking on the link below.
Wanda POS Source forge page
Or download directly by clicking on the download link below.
Click to download Wanda POS

Installation Process

NB: This installation process is for the Windows Operating System. Other platforms will be included subsequently.

Installing Wanda POS is very simple. However, we do not want to make assumptions. So, we’ll take you through the process step by step. Assuming you have already acquired the software let’s get started.
1. Open windows explorer and navigate to the directory in which you saved the installer.

Wanda POS

2.Right-click on the installer and ‘Run as administrator’
3.The Wanda POS logo is displayed on the screen while the contents of the installer are loaded.

Wanda POS gift to the world

4.A pop-up window is displayed prompting for a language selection. Select the language you are most comfortable with and click on OK.

Language Selection

5.On the next window select the Java Runtime you want to use, then click on OK. If you have any doubts just click on OK and move on.

JVM selection

6.The next window gives you information about the install builder. You don’t need to worry about this. Just click on Next.


7.The next window is the License Agreement. The Next button is grayed out to inform you that you have to read the terms of the agreement before you proceed.

License Agreement

8.Once you’ve read the terms of the license agreement click on the radio button labeled ‘I accept the license agreement’ and click on Next to proceed.

License Agreement

9. If you don’t accept the terms of the agreement click on the radio button labeled ‘I do not accept the agreement’ and exit the installation.
10. Next you have to select the installation path. We recommend you just allow the default installation path and click on Next. However, if you have a good reason to change to installation path, select a different path and click on Next.

Installation Directory

11. Now that you have setup everything needed you’re ready to install. Click on Next to start the installation.

Ready to install

12. While the setup is performing the installation. The progress bar tells you how far you’ve gone with the installation.

Setup Setup

13. Once you’re done the next window leads you to the ‘readme’ file. Feel free to uncheck this option before clicking on Finish. However, we encourage you to leave this option checked.


14. If you didn’t uncheck the readme option you’ll see a window similar to the one below. Once you’re done reading, click on OK to exit that window.


Thanks for reading.

Brought to you by the Wanda POS development team. We look forward to getting feedback from you.

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