Use OracleDB Docker On Ubuntu(Mint)

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I have test some script on oracle so i need a oracle database server.

docker hear good for save time.

utils/ need impdp, look over instant client just oracle 12c-release-2 include that util

so take docker from oracle xe 11g release 2

by compatible it don't work. ok take latest docker for this client at Oracle 12 release 2

it don't work also, because oracle 12 release 2 have new type of user Multi-tenant local vs. common users

i get idea from thread Idempiere with Oracle XE and 2 server

User docker oracle db for idempiere (r11 release 2)

install client

at page Oracle instant client scroll to "Version "

download: Instant Client Package - Basic, Instant Client Package - Basic Light, Instant Client Package - SQL*Plus

extract to same folder call [ORACLE_CLIENT]

Setup Docker

guideline is clear Oracle database release 11 R2

Copy oracle server stuff for import to [ORACLE_CLIENT]

 sudo docker cp mystifying_wright:/u01/app/oracle-product/11.2.0/xe/bin/impdp [ORACLE_CLIENT]
 mkdir [ORACLE_CLIENT]/rdbms
 sudo docker cp mystifying_wright:/u01/app/oracle-product/11.2.0/xe/rdbms/mesg [ORACLE_CLIENT]/rdbms
 sudo chown -R $USER:$USER [ORACLE_CLIENT]/rdbms
 sudo chown $USER:$USER [ORACLE_CLIENT]/impdp

mystifying_wright is name of docker

Import database

1. you can take idempiere binary from community or build by yourself

assume you have it on [IDEMPIERE-HOME]

run remember that Differences_for_Oracle

2. open terminal and run

 # below command just one time
 sed -i 's|#chmod 770 $IDEMPIERE_HOME/data/seed|#chmod 770 $IDEMPIERE_HOME/data/seed\nsudo docker cp $IDEMPIERE_HOME/data/seed/Adempiere.dmp mystifying_wright:/u01/app/oracle/admin/XE/dpdump|' [IDEMPIERE-HOME]/utils/oracle/
 cd [IDEMPIERE-HOME]/utils


docker command

Oracle database release 11 R2

Oracle instant client

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