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Idempiere move to jdk-10 by ticket IDEMPIERE-3798. This page collect some relate note

note focus to jdk-10 but maybe apply for jdk-11 and next

don't forgot we also move to Building iDempiere by tycho

Setup jdk

you can install jdk-10 as default jdk on your system (1) or install as non-default jdk (2) or you can download zip and extract to a folder (3)

on case (1) don't need to care anything. but on (2), (3) we have some configuration must to change

  1. configuration eclipse run with jdk-10

open [eclipse-root]/eclipse.ini above "-vmargs" add:

   path to jdk folder
  1. run maven command with jdk 10
   export JAVA_HOME=path to jdk folder
   mvn validate

know issue

Access restriction

sometime (special first time you update to this ticket) you get bellow issue with "mvn verify" command

   [ERROR] /home/hieplq/1Dev/project/native/idempiere-dev-11/org.idempiere.webservices/WEB-INF/src/org/idempiere/webservices/fault/IdempiereServiceFault.java:[17] 
   [ERROR] 	import javax.xml.ws.WebFault;
   [ERROR] 	       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   [ERROR] Access restriction: The type 'WebFault' is not API (restriction on classpath entry '/home/hieplq/.m2/repository/p2/osgi/bundle/jaxws-api/2.3.1/jaxws-api-2.3.1.jar')

solution: delete maven local repository at ~/.m2/repository

run idempiere server from eclipse is difference from command line

from jdk-9, EE package is plan to take out.

at jdk-9, jdk-10 it mark deprecate for remove.

Modules Shared with Java EE Not Resolved by Default

Java EE modules

at compiler time of eclipse and tycho, also run idempiere server by command line it follow this rule

that package use from replace library like javax.transaction-api, jaxb-core, jaxb-impl, jaxws-api

when launching idempiere server from eclipse, it auto append add-module=all-system, so some code can use package from replace library other use package from jdk

so can make some function run wrong (example webservice)

solution: for debug on development time, should use remote debug when get trouble.

Eclipse addmodule

Internal APIs

"Internal APIs" a bit same "Modules Shared with Java EE Not Resolved by Default" but it not yet have replacement so it don't make conflict like "Modules Shared with Java EE Not Resolved by Default"

idempiere depend on some Internal APIs like awt. Work-around by force it appear again by use add-exports

add-export-eclipse step 1
Add-export-eclipse- step2

Java mail certificate

issue:PKIX path building failed: SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

reason and solution:




IDEMPIERE-3798:Move iDempiere default branch to openjdk 10

oracle jdk releases for java 11 and later

JDK provider

do not fall into oracles java 11 trap

from java 8 to java 11

java updates jetty and the future





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