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Sharing is at the core of iDempiere. Because of iDempiere enterprise platform and iDempiere community share with the whole world unrestricted access to what previously has been know-how nurtured by huge corporations and harbored in rich economies.

We would like to encourage people to share what they find attractive in iDempiere and iDempiere community.

If you are

  • a developer that loves iDempiere
  • an end user company that uses iDempiere


  • you find iDempiere good and helpful
  • you want to make a world a better place
  • you would like to give us thumbs up but do not know how to do this exactly
  • you want iDempiere to be a future-proof, cutting edge modern enterprise platform at your disposal

THEN PLEASE consider a contribution in a form of

  • your short testimonial video.
  • your written story

Here’s how this can play out if you are eager to contribute a written or video testimonial

It is always good to have a basic drawing of a bicycle… before committing to inventing a bicycle. Consider these bullets beforehand. (Oh, if there is confidentiality involved, no problem, you are free to be as specific as it is comfortable to you)

1. Could you share a few words about your company or organization? (ex: basic info, mission, service, product features, target customers/segment, flagship customers)

2. How could you describe the project(s) where iDempiere is involved/utilized? (What value does the project deliver to your customers/users? Where is it used? How many end-users would the project serve? When did you start the project and when do you aim to finish the project? How many guys are in the development team?)

3. What is the architecture of your project? (For example, 6 virtual application servers +HAProxy+...If you can, please describe more.)

4. What are/were the challenges of making this project happen? (What is the most difficult part of this project?)

5. How did you evaluate various solutions? Did you use a different solution before using iDempiere? If you did, why did you decide in favor of iDempiere? (What processes were involved in the evaluation process? What important factors were considered in the evaluation process?)

6. Why iDempiere? Why have you chosen to be on iDempiere side? What values do you recognize/acknowledge in iDempiere? Which parts/functionalities of iDempiere do you like the most? How did these features affect your project?

7. What is your result? What difference iDempiere has made for you or your organisation? (What are the best features of this project? How did iDempiere help? What’s the next move of the project? Do you plan to use iDempiere in other projects and how?)

8. What are your suggestions? (Please give any feedback or suggestions that you may have for iDempiere or the iDempiere Community?)

9. Got cool stuff? Screenshots and such (Have some cool or representative snapshots/pictures that you particularly like about the project? Please kindly share it with us.)

Here’s how this can play out if you are eager to contribute a video

In case of video testimonial interview or self-interview is generally a good starting point to consider, both for individuals and companies. Depending on your experience, time, and resources you may go in your testimonial as far as this one, created by an iDempiere end-user company, but it is much more important just to stay clear and honest in your message.

If you are an individual

PS. We found that shooting with the help of a standard and cheap ear-bud smartphone wire for sound recording is quite good.

If you are an end-user company

  • Look into these video tips as well as 2 others above
  • Probably, as an organisation, you have a little more resources at your disposal than an individual.
    • Maybe there are some marketing videos shot by your organisation that you can repurpose for use in your testimonial?
    • Maybe you have a creative colleague who would love to help in shooting or montage?
    • Anyway, you can always go for an old and good self-interview as described in a section for individuals.
  • Create a short video 1-5 minutes long and share it with us.

Remember, that we would love to have your imperfect testimonial rather than to have no testimonial at all )))

Oh, other things to consider while creating a testimonial

  • Use a professional and friendly tone
  • Please, follow the code of conduct. Generally, it is a good idea to avoid topics unrelated to the software such as personal opinions on politics or other people, etc.

Submit your testimonial at the marketing forum. Every testimonial will be reviewed by the Marketing committee before publishing if the committee considers the testimonial or case study needs to be reviewed. You will be contacted with the requested changes