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System Overview

Wanda POS is a Point of Sale. It keeps track of all cash coming into or going out of a business by monitoring purchase of supplies and raw materials and sales of finished products. This system is extensible and suitable for all sorts of businesses, be them restaurants, stores, malls or supermarkets. It can be configured to meet the particular needs of the business in question.

Product References

Reference Description Link
Wanda POS Support For users who seek support on certain issues concerning Wanda POS [ http://wandaapos.com/support.html]
Wanda POS Download Link to download the latest version of Wanda POS [ http://sourceforge.net/projects/wandaposdapos/files/latest/download?source=files]
Wanda POS Developers Support For developers who are interested in working on Wanda POS
Support Libraries for Wanda POS For other libraries needed for smooth operation of WandaPOS [ http://sourceforge.net/projects/wandaposdapos/files/]
Wanda POS Site For users who want to visit the Wanda POS website [ http://www.wandaapos.com]
Wanda POS wiki For those who want to meet the real gurus behind the success of Wanda POS [ http://sourceforge.net/p/wandaposdapos/wiki/Home/]

Authorized Use Permission

Wanda POS is a free and open source project. It is governed by the GNU Public license. As such, anybody is free to copy any part or all of the code and modify as they please. However, whatever development made as such must be uploaded and made open source for the world to benefit from.

Points of Contact

Help Desk

Contact Name Contact Type Department Telephone E-mail/Web
Redhuan D. Oon Project guru ERP Systems 76781554 red1(at)red1-dot-org
Dr. Stanley Mungwe Project leader Medical Surgery 79910862 sales(at)itkamer-dot-com
Eyog Yvon Leonce Developer & Tester Software Engineering 72469067 grandeyl(at)gmail-dot-com
Tatioti Mbogning Raoul Senior Developer & Tester Software Engineering 70043657 tatiotir(at)itkamer-dot-com
Sondi Michael Raphael Developer & Support Networks Engineering 76724430 mikaelsondi(at)gmail-dot-com
Fonyuy Taryuni Isidore Developer, Support & Documentation Software Engineering 77952965 Isidore(at)itkamer-dot-com


This is a point of sale. Hence, Wanda POS on its own not perform any accounting operation. To get this ability to perform various accounting tasks [such as tracking profits and losses and providing business/managerial advice and predictions] Wanda POS works hand-in-glove with iDempiere. IDempiere is an ERP system which Wanda POS uses to be able to perform accounting operations.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Abbreviation / Acronym Meaning
POS – Point Of Sale Software system that tracks all inflow and outflow of cash, how the cash moves, by whom, where, when etc.
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Planning all financial resources well ahead of time. Takes care of all financial calculations, predictions based on present data and does all the accounting.
FOSS – Free and Open Source Software Software that you can obtain free of charge and also have unlimited access to its source code. Governed by the GNU public license. E.g. iDempiere, OpenBravo POS, Wanda POS, VLC etc.

Document Conventions

Convention Explanation
Bold Buttons and links that appear the same as shown in the demo
[This is a comment ] Any text that appears within square bracket is an aside, a comment or an explanation of the preceding concept.

Buttons and Icons

Button Name Button Display Button Usage
Asterisk Plus Equal Minus Use these to perform special operations on the currently open ticket
Cancel OK Cancel is used to abort an ongoing operation. OK is used to effect it.
CE Attributes CE is used to clear a text field for new input. Attributes is used to display the properties of an item.
Edit Search Edit pops up a window for edit. Search opens a filter window.
Execute Reset Execute displays items that fulfill the specified conditions. Reset enforces default values.
Exit Logout Exit closes your session. Logout brings you back to the welcome screen.
No Yes Save No denies an option. Yes accepts it. Save saves changes.
Print Print Print instructs the printer to print the current receipt.
Refund Refund Refund Line
Refund All Refund One
Refund opens the refund window. Refund one refunds one unit of an item, refund line refunds all units, refund all refunds all items.
New Sale
Drop Sale
Remove New Sale Drop Sale Remove drops an item from a ticket. New sale starts a new entry. Drop sale discards the current ticket from the ticket display.
New Customer
Customer New Customer
Take all
Take one
Send one
Send all
Take all Take one Send one Send all Used to split a bill, transfering items from one part to the other. Take all moves all units from right to left, Take one moves one unit from right to left, Send one moves one unit from left to right, Send all moves all units from left to right.
Calculator 1 2 3 4 Wanda Button Calculator5.png 6 7 8 9 0 Decimal point Use calculator buttons to specify the number of units of a particular item you want
Others 1 1
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