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about mercurial eclipse

it seems that it is not longer available.

Eclipse and Java versions

(2019-03-14) If you try to follow the instructions at the moment, you'll see that trying to install Java 11 support on Eclipse 4.9 ends up in error, since it seems there's a glitch in the marketplace. The workaround is to go to click on "Show Directory Ccontents", click on the latest date-coded directory, copy the url, and then install it via the "Install New Software" option, putting the URL when requested.

The alternative would be to use Eclipse 4.10, but it seems many of the required plugins are not available yet for this version of Eclipse (notably MercurialEclipse and Tycho).

Thanks to Carlos Antonio Ruiz Gómez on this thread!topic/idempiere/APf89CkQRkk for the help

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