Standard Cost Update (Process ID-182)

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Process: Standard Cost Update

Description: Set standard and future cost price

Help: For Standard Costs you can set/recalculate the current or future cost price (for the cost type of the accounting schema). If the Costing Level of the Accounting Schema is set to Client, missing cost records are created. The historical costs are calculated based on the accumulated amount/quantity of the costing method.

Standard Cost Update - Process (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Process Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Product Category Category of a Product Identifies the category which this product belongs to. Product categories are used for pricing and selection. M_Product_Category_ID
Table Direct
Set Standard Cost to Set new Standard Costs to the selection SetStandardCostTo
Set Future Costs to Set the Future costs to the selection SetFutureCostTo
Pricelist Version Only used if Price List is used to set future/standard cost price M_PriceList_Version_ID
Table Direct
Document Type Inventory Cost Adjustment Document Type C_DocType_ID

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