Receivables Write-Off (Process ID-171)

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Process: Receivables Write-Off

Description: Write off open receivables

Help: Write-off receivables causes the invoices selected by the criteria to be marked as paid and the open invoice amount to be written off. Alternatively you can create payments.

Receivables Write-Off - Process (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Process Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
Business Partner Identifies a Business Partner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include Vendor, Customer, Employee or Salesperson C_BPartner_ID
Business Partner Group Business Partner Group The Business Partner Group provides a method of defining defaults to be used for individual Business Partners. C_BP_Group_ID
Table Direct
Invoice Invoice Identifier The Invoice Document. C_Invoice_ID
Maximum write-off per Invoice Maximum invoice amount to be written off in invoice currency MaxInvWriteOffAmt
AP - AR Include Receivables and/or Payables transactions APAR
Date Invoiced Date printed on Invoice The Date Invoice indicates the date printed on the invoice. DateInvoiced
Account Date Accounting Date The Accounting Date indicates the date to be used on the General Ledger account entries generated from this document. It is also used for any currency conversion. DateAcct
Create Payment CreatePayment
Bank Account Account at the Bank The Bank Account identifies an account at this Bank. C_BankAccount_ID
Table Direct
Simulation Performing the function is only simulated IsSimulation

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