Project Setup and Use (Workflow ID-101)

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Table of Contents

Workflow: Project Setup and Use

Description: Setup of projects and project reporting

Help: Projects allow to monitor the status and progress of sales opportunities, service projects and investment projects. A Project is a process that is undertaken which can involve multiple steps or phases and require resources from more than one area.

Project Setup and Use - Workflow (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Workflow Nodes
Name Description Help Type Zoom
Project Type Maintain Project Type and Phase Maintain Project Types and their Phases with standard performance information User Window Project Type
Project Reporting Maintain Project Reporting Cycles The Project Cycle Window defines the steps associated with a specific Project.

You may want to define several Project cycles to differentiate the different types of projects. Project cycles may use all or a subset of the used Project Status (e.g. Your opportunity project cycle may include the steps from prospect to contract - the service cycle may include steps from installation to customer acceptance.

User Window Project Reporting
Project Maintain Projects The Project Window is used to define the projects which will can be tracked by phases and tasks. User Window Project
Project Status Summary Project Status of Project Cycle User Window Project (Lines/Issues)
Accounting Schema Project as Account Segment To enable accounting reporting of projects, create and enable a project segment in the account elements. User Window Accounting Schema

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