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Workflow: Product Setup

Description: Set up Products

Help: Define your products manually. You should verify the settings especially if you import your products.

Product Setup - Workflow (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Workflow Nodes
Name Description Help Type Zoom
Warehouse & Locators Maintain Warehouses and Locators The Warehouse and Locators Window defines each Warehouse, any Locators for that Warehouse and the Accounting parameters to be used for inventory in that Warehouse. User Window Warehouse & Locators
Unit of Measure Maintain Unit of Measure The Unit of Measure Window is used to define non monetary units of measure. It also defines if conversion between units of measure are allowed and how they are to be performed. The system provides some automatic conversions between units of measures (e.g. minute, hour, day, working day, etc.) if they are not explicitly defined here.

Conversions need to be direct (i.e. if you have only a conversion between A-B and B-C, the system cannot convert A-C, you need to define it explicitly).

User Window Unit of Measure
Product Category Maintain Product Categories The Product Category allows you to define different groups of products. These groups can be used in generating Price Lists, defining margins and for easily assigning different accounting parameters for products. User Window Product Category
Tax Category Maintain Tax Categories The Tax Category Window is used to enter and maintain Tax Categories. Each product is associated with a tax category which facilitates reacting changing tax rates. User Window Tax Category
Product Maintain Products The Product Window defines all products used by an organization. These products include those sold to customers, used in the manufacture of products sold to customers and products purchased by an organization. User Window Product
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Rules The Revenue Recognition Window defines the intervals at which revenue will be recognized. Alternatively, the revenue recognition may be linked to service levels provided. User Window Revenue Recognition

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