Print Dunning Letters (Process ID-312)

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Process: Print Dunning Letters

Description: Print Dunning letters to paper or send PDF

Help: (Re)Print Dunning Letters or send them as PDF attachments to the Business Partner Contact with a valid EMail addres.

Print Dunning Letters - Process (iDempiere 1.0.0).png

Process Parameters
Name Description Help Technical Data
EMail PDF Email Document PDF files to Business Partner EMailPDF
Mail Template Text templates for mailings The Mail Template indicates the mail template for return messages. Mail text can include variables. The priority of parsing is User/Contact, Business Partner and then the underlying business object (like Request, Dunning, Workflow object).

So, @Name@ would resolve into the User name (if user is defined defined), then Business Partner name (if business partner is defined) and then the Name of the business object if it has a Name.
For Multi-Lingual systems, the template is translated based on the Business Partner's language selection.

Table Direct
Dunning Run Dunning Run C_DunningRun_ID
Table Direct
Only If BP has Balance Include only if Business Partner has outstanding Balance IsOnlyIfBPBalance
Print Unprocessed Entries Only Print the unprocessed (unprinted) entries of the dunning run only. Print the unprocessed (unprinted) entries of the dunning run only. This allows you to reprint only certain dunning entries. PrintUnprocessedOnly

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