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Welcome to the guide outlining the guidelines for asking for sponsorship for third-party plugins within our ecosystem. Third-party plugins bring innovation, versatility, and expanded functionality to our platform, enhancing user experiences and broadening the capabilities of our community. To ensure a seamless integration of these plugins and to foster a collaborative environment for both developers and sponsors, we have established these guidelines.

Whether you're a developer/company looking to propose a new plugin or to improve an existing one by adding cutting-edge enhancements, this guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to navigate the sponsorship journey effectively.

Our guidelines aim to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship that drives the evolution of our project. By adhering to these principles, we can ensure that the sponsorship of third-party plugins is consistent, secure, and aligned with the interests of the community at large.


The purpose of this initiative is to allow developers and companies to seek sponsorship for their third-party plug-ins in the project's official channels.

Who can ask for plugin sponsorship on official channels

Things to consider

  • The marketing team is solely responsible for reviewing individual cases and granting permission. Unlike core sponsorship, we do not endorse or promote such initiatives on official channels.
  • After approval from the committee, the plugin contributor can write a message asking for sponsorship (including the disclaimer) in official channels.
  • Companies/developers are permitted to share sponsorship messages on official channels after significant events (such as plugin releases, improvements, or new features).
  • The sponsorship message can remain static on the plugin's wiki page indefinitely.
  • Contributors can establish campaigns with goals and milestones (entirely managed by them) and post updates frequently, as long as they introduce new elements like proofs of concept, images, and advancements. The marketing committee retains the right to remove messages that fail to adhere to the guidelines.
  • Every message must include the following disclaimer: Disclaimer: This initiative is acknowledged (though not officially endorsed) by the iDempiere project. This is a third-party initiative, and all interactions, financial or otherwise, are solely at the user's own discretion

The marketing committee reserves the right to delete any message on official channels that does not adhere to these guidelines.

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