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  • Since the chatGPT (chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is very friendly to the iDempierre ERP Business Suite, I had the idea to write this plugin, which can help improve both the description of products/comments and the description of system objects, such as Menu, Window, Forms and others.


  • Update fields Description and Help for Product
  • Update fields Description and Help for other objects of System like
   • Menus
   • Windows
   • Info Windows
   • Forms
  • Create a Simple Report using voice commands
  • Open the Documents, Windows, Forms, Info windows, Reports and Processes using voice commands [new feature]

Create a Simple Report

ChatGPT&iD voiceReport.jpg

Open the PO

ChatGPT&iD voiceOpenPO.jpg

More detail on the User Guide PDF file


If you want to provide additional comments, please use the

  • General support forum: Forum
  • Issues for this plugin: Issues
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