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  • Maintainer: spok
  • Status: Beta, up to date with release 6.2
  • License: GPLv2
  • Price: Free
  • Sources: [1]

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Integration created

Idempiere WebStore API

This server side plugin is created to show how API REST can be used in OSGI Idempiere Environment.

It's based on Jersey API Framework, Java-JWT for security purposes & Swagger integration:

Webstore Schema.png

This API provides following services:

Webstore swagger.png

It's quite enough to build a real frontend commercial site with. As an example you can check an Angular project built on it:

Installing / Getting started

To build this plugin you need to get sources in your project directory:

git clone

Important! Edit pom.xml to link native Idempiere libraries with parent project. If you put sources directly in Idempiere sources folder, it will be


like others Idempiere plugins, otherwise modify it.

Build it with Maven:

mvn install

It works? If it's ok, then you are using Idempiere 7.

Otherwise, make sure you have all Jersey dependencies. Important to outline that Idempiere (version 6.2) already contains some libraries from Jersey.

You can download missing dependencies manually from Check the version. In my case it was 2.22.1

Just in case here are my Jersey dependencies, I hope this helps you:

Webstore plugins.png

Deploying / Publishing / Testing

Check if plugin is working by getting OpenAPI description file:


To check and test REST services install Swagger plugin from here:

Make sure that Swagger plugin points to http://localhost:8080/services/api-docs/openapi.xml

Enjoy it! I hope it will help you!

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