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  • Maintainer: Dr. Stanley Mungwe - Wanda POS [1]
  • Main Copyright: Openbravo Inc, ComPiere Inc, Unicenta, Wanda POS, Red1
  • Lesser Copyright: ERP Univercity Cluster, IT-Kamer, Dr. Stanley Mungwe, Ing. Tatioti Mbogning Raoul
  • Current Version: 1.0 BETA
  • License: GPLv2 - Free as in Freedom not Free Lunch
  • Price: (Free)
  • Source Code: [2]
  • Windows Installer: [[3]]
  • Guide: To build and install, simply download the code and import to Netbeans or eclipse like any other project


  • Wanda POS = Unicenta POS + ActiveMQ + ERP(iDempiere) Integration
  • Now we can synchronise all the informations for customers, products coming from iDempiere to WandaPOS point of Sales and also synchronise Orders coming from WandaPOS to iDempiere.
  • Unicenta POS which is a fork of Openbravo POS with many bug fixes and improvements is now integrated to iDempiere ERP via APACHE ActiveMQ 5.5.0
  • iDempiere plugin to be able to synchronize all the information for a customer (address, phone, country, city, region, avatar(logo),
  • Very stable integration accompanied by free support during setup by a motivated Cameroonian team, can operate in low Internet availability via asynchronous mode.

Importing products from csv files

The file is in pdf

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