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WARNING: This plugin is no longer maintained since iDempiere is now mobile usable by default.



  • This plugin is based on the iuiMobile client and ZK client
  • It eases the use of iDempiere in mobile devices (It is specially designed for phones)

The plugin is based on both iuiMobile and ZK, it was intended to take the simplicity of iui but with the proper context and model management of ZK.

If you want to provide additional comments, please use the Discussion page


No configuration required - just install and use navigating to /m in your server

Changing the Theme

The UI is designed with css, so the theme can be fully changed and customized.

To change the theme, add a folder with the name of your theme and your own css and scss files under the folder VAADIN/themes and set the SysConfig VAADIN_THEME with your theme name.

Vaadin needs to compile the theme before using it, this can be done with the vaadin plugin in eclipse or via console with the following command: java -cp '$VAADIN_REPOSITORY/com.trekglobal.vaadinmobile/WEB-INF/lib/*' com.vaadin.sass.SassCompiler styles.scss styles.css

How to Install

From command line com.trekglobal.vaadinmobile

From apache felix

Download the jar file with name com.trekglobal.vaadinmobile_4.1.0.v[timestamp].jar from this link: and install using the felix console as usual - recommended start level 6

Known Issues


The following features are not yet supported by vaadin client:

  • Reports (Only pdf supported, in development)
  • Forms (Out of scope)
  • Workflows (Need review on which are worthy to implement)
  • Account fields (Not supported, in development)
  • PAttribute (Not supported, in development)
  • Tablet UI (Need review on if this is worthy to implement)
  • When a window has too many records it takes long to open the window, a way to avoid this behaviour and control the initial number of rows being displayed will be developed

Different behaviour

The following features behave differently than ZK

  • Info windows are displayed with the identifiers columns and the records can be look only using those fields as filter
  • Different field types are currently being displayed as Text fields:
    • ID
    • Binary
    • Row ID
    • Color
    • Image (In development - will be supported)
    • FilePath
    • URL
    • Printer Name
  • Search and Locator field type are currently being displayed as combo boxes, this will be changed in a future version
  • No buttons are displayed in the single record view, all are presented in the process menu of each window (In development - will be supported)
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