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New Features of the "BusinessTeam" Theme for IDempeire 4.1

  • The name of the theme update is "businessTeamBlue"
  • Very lightweight, weighs only 280 KB.
  • Using CSS3 for effects on the tabs: transform: skew (-20deg).
  • Color combination in blue gradient.
  • Improvement in the design and colors of the menus.
  • Bug fixs of version 3.1.
  • Use of new style of tabs.
  • Effect CSS mouse-over in the grid) was corrected on forms.
  • New style and color in the scroll-bar.
  • New style in the headers of Favorites and recent boxes.
  • New style in the headers of the central panel boxes.
  • The base colors are respected to maintain a professional style.
  • Some icons are added and modified to improve the appearance.
  • Use the login design of the theme kys, for being very light.

Background With Video

Features of the "BusinessTeam" Theme for IDempeire 3.1

  • This is a theme provided by EGS GROUP, to continue to fight against complaints about webUI.
  • New set of icons proposed.
  • Video Tutorial in Youtube:
  • Compatible with ZK7 and ZK8, versions IDempiere release-3.1 and IDempiere development
  • Source code with two branches for release-3.1 ZK7 and development ZK8
  • The theme has been built on the principle of DOM manipulation (Documennt Object Model) to be at least instrusivo in the source code, we used best practices with jquery and javascript
  • It was used as background Background Video

Video Tutorial

How to use it

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