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This plugin is the basis for creating your Telegram bots.

Telegram bots are essentially your smart and cost effective way to have a mobile interface working with your iDempiere.

Every Android or iOS device can run Telegram. More on this here

The plugin provides:

Additionally, you can find a demo plugin that will help you understand how this works.


  • Support for the basic features of the Telegram API
  • Use emoji in the message
  • You can create a separate plugin for each bot. Stop \ start plug-in affect the operation of the bot
  • Automatically launch all bots at system startup
  • In your bot, you can access all iDempiere classes. For example MOrder, DB and others.

How to run a demo bot?

  • If you already have a bot token, then skip this item. Open the BotFather bot in the Telegram application and write "/newbot" and follow the instructions for creating a new bot
  • Download source codes and add plugins to your project:,
  • Open the class
  • In the "getBotToken()" method, specify the token of your bot
  • Build both plugins and upload to your iDempiere
  • Make sure that both plugins are running and after a couple of seconds the bot is ready to work
  • Write to your bot "/start"

p.s. Make sure that the site is not blocked for your network, otherwise the bot will not work.