Plugin: Sales Forecasting

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Sales Forecasting is the part of Libero Manufacturing based on the original contribution by Victor Perez of e-Evolution, Mexico during the ADempiere project. More details about Forecast Management for ADempiere you can see here.

Documentation - table of content

  1. Background
  2. Setup
    • Download and Install plugin
  3. Sales Forecasting functionality
    • Overview
    • Operational Calendar
      • Period Definition
      • To create calendar periods
      • Periods
    • Generate Sales History Process
      • Sales history window
    • Forecasting Rules
      • Forecast Engine
    • Forecast definition
    • Forecast simulation
      • Master of Forecast Simulation
      • Forecast Simulation Detail
      • Forecast simulation line
    • Results of the Forecast Simulation
    • Forecast Simulation InfoWindow
      • Create Forecasts
      • Create Sale Orders
    • Forecast
    • Forecast Report
      • Forecast Report by Period
  4. Project Protocol
    • Project Version
    • Source Repository
    • Project Forum for Support
    • Contact

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