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Product Category Editor


This plug-in to resolve issue IDEMPIERE-2497.

suppose you has produce P. P has category is G. and G has parent category is SG.

in window product, at find window, select SG and click OK. window will show product P.

now, go to product info and also select SG in category. P will don't invisible in result.

it's same for process parameter.

How to use

1. apply patch IDEMPIERE-2497_getListIds.patch in IDEMPIERE-2497

2. apply patch IDEMPIERE-2537

3. apply patch IDEMPIERE-2538

4. include plug-in in run profile

now you has new editor name "hsv product category".

set it for any product category ID column in any info window



I code some where in mind this editor can apply for all column in product category.

but now just finish with category_ID column, will update late.

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