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  • Maintainer: Ken_longnan - []
  • Status: Beta, up to date with release 6.2
  • License: GPLv2
  • Price: Free
  • Sources: KBS-ODT


The ObjectDataTool(ODT) plugin adds the functionality of import/export AD data.

The core design concept of ODT it is based on following assumption:

  • The uuid value of standard AD data which released from iDempiere are unique and keeping unchanged during its life cycle.
  • The each customized application we are creating by AD structure must be assigned to one specified EntityType.

The main features will be provided by ODT:

  • Import ODT package
  • Export ODT package
  • Install application
  • Uninstall application
  • Refresh ODT package
  • Link EntityType


If you want to provide additional comments, please use the Discussion page


SysConfig Parameters

The following System Configurator parameters can be used to modify the behavior of this functionality:


Import HelloWorld Application

Download ODT xml package of HelloWorld Application from here

Open 'Import ODT Package' process:

KSYS ImportODTPackage.PNG

Choose the HelloWorld ODT package xml file to import:

KSYS ImportODTPackage Open.PNG

Goto 'ODT Package' and Install 'HelloWorld' application:

KSYS ImportODTPackage Install.PNG

Logout and Login again, you will find new menu of 'Test HelloWorld':

KSYS ImportODTPackage HelloWorld.PNG

KSYS ImportODTPackage HelloWorld2.PNG

Update and Refresh HelloWorld Application

Update something of HelloWorld AD data:

KSYS ImportODTPackage HelloWorld3.PNG

Then, refresh ODT package, the new AD changes will be included now:

KSYS ImportODTPackage HelloWorld4.PNG

Export HelloWorld Application

Goto 'ODT Package', now you can export new HelloWorld application:

KSYS ImportODTPackage HelloWorld5.PNG

The ODT package xml file will be generated under user temp folder, in Win7, it will be here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp

How to save changes of new Column and Field via ODT

Add new changes of Column and Field for Window 'Business Partner - Location':



Create new ODT Package for those AD changes:




Export ODT Package for those AD changes:


Now you may import and install this ODT Package into another iDempiere instance.

Download ODT xml package of 'Business Partner - Location' customization from here


How to convert 2Pack Bundle into ODT Bundle

We choose com.trekglobal.deleteEntities as base 2Pack Bundle, then try to use ODT to convert it into ODT compatible Bundle.

You may download 2Pack bundle of com.trekglobal.deleteEntities from here, then install it as 2pack way.

Install com.trekglobal.deleteEntities 2pack bundle.png

Menu com.trekglobal.deleteEntities 2pack bundle.png

Goto ODT, then create new package as KSYS CDE (Cascade Delete Entities)

Create New KSYS CDE.png

By using Version Refresh function to generate all ObjectData of KSYS CDE. 'User Maintained' as EntityType by the original creator for CDE. Before that, don't forget to run UUID Generator for CDE.

KSYS CDE Version Release.png

KSYS CDE ObjectData.png

OK, now you are able to use Link EntityType function to generate ODT Package for KSYS CDE.

KSYS CDE Link EntityType.png

Export ODT Package for KSYS CDE, by using new EntityType which dedicated for KSYS CDE.

KSYS CDE Export Package.png

Download and Save Package XML

KSYS CDE XML Package.png

Create new ODT Bundle for KSYS CDE Plugin.

KSYS CDE ODT Bundler.png

You may download ODT bundle of com.trekglobal.deleteEntities from here, then install it as ODT way.

How to Install

P2 Repository

The recommended way to install the plugin is using the p2 repository.

Download the installer script (.bat or .sh) from site.p2
and run it inside your IDEMPIERE_HOME folder.
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