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WARNING: DEPRECATED, since v7.1 iDempiere has a native way to migrate storage providers. Please refer to NF7.1 Migrate Storage Provider.



In case you have an existing installation of iDempiere and want to change the Storage Provider, you have to manually move the attachments/archives from one provider to another. You can do this by export/import using 2Pack, but this method sometimes can be difficult with large amount of data.

With this plugin you can easily change all existing attachments/archives to File System or Database.

Make sure you have a backup before using this plugin


How to Install

This plugin is automatically installed when it's activated. In case you want to install it manually, the migration scripts are located at the folder migration.

How to Use

Make sure you have a backup, when you migrate from Database to File System, the binaries from database will cease to exists, so having a backup is highly recommended

Since the configuration of Storage Provider is per Client basis, this process should be executed per Client as well.

First you need to access the Migrate Storage Provider process under menu System Admin -> Client Rules.


Then fill the parameters, the File Directory should be the folder where the attachments should be stored, then the Method parameter you can define "from what format" and "to what format" you want to make the conversion. It was made this way to make possible extend this plugin in the future with more Methods in case this changes in the future.


Then wait until it's finished, this can take a long time depending on the size of your database.

Next step: You have to change the Storage Provider in your Client configuration, the changes will take effect after the next login. More details: Storage Provider

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