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Generates an OpenOffice Writer manual from dictionary based on designed templates.


  1. Download into a known folder the templates from the URL
  2. Adapt the templates for your company preferences (logo, headers, fonts, etc)
  3. Add a System Configurator record with name QSS_TEMPLATE_FOLDER_GENERATE_MANUAL and the value pointing to the templates folder, for example /opt/idempiere-server/templates


Just run the new process in the menu with name "Manual Generator"

At the end download the generated file FullManual.odt

How to Install

Felix console

To install the plugin using the felix console you can download the plugin jar from org.globalqss.idempiere.ManualGenerator_7.1.0.202001121447.jar and use the felix console to install as usual.

OSGi console

From the OSGi console, which you can usually access using:

telnet localhost 12612

You can install the plugin directly using:


And then start the plugin just installed