Plugin: Limit Concurrent Sessions

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This plugin allow Administrators to limit the number of concurrent sessions per tenant.

What is added :

- AD_Client.IsLimitConcurrentSessions : to activate the functionnality
- AD_Client.MaxConcurrentSessions : maximum sessions for the current client
- AD_Client.ConcurrentSessionsMsg_ID : message displayed when user can't login
- AD_User, AD_Role, AD_Org : IsDontCountMeInConcurrSessions : allow to set the record to be not taken in consideration for checking limit of concurrent sessions

How does it works ?

After the user is logged, the plugin checks if the maximum number of session is reached (using IEventTopics.AFTER_LOGIN). If yes, a message is displayed and the user returns to the login page.


Once the plugin is installed, here's the steps you need to do :

Go to all the organizations / roles / users and disable the checkbox "Don't count me in concurrent sessions" if necessary. Enable the feature for each tenant (from Client window) by checking "Limit number of concurrent sessions" and set max session and error message.

If you find bugs or think about improvement, feel free to post on google group, or get in contact with me Nicolas Micoud.

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