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This plugins is a simpler subset of the Plugin: LCO Detailed Names.

This functionality adds two fields in the Business Partner window: First Name, Last Name

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SysConfig Parameters

The following System Configurator parameters can be used to modify the behavior of this functionality:

    • If you define this parameter as N in a client then the whole functionality of detailed names will be disabled for this client
    • Default: Y
    • Scope: Client
  • QSSLCO_NameSeparator
    • When using detailed names, it defines here the separator for the Name field on business partner when concatenating the first names with last names
    • Default: WhiteSpace
    • Scope: Client
  • QSSLCO_NamesFirst
    • When using detailed names, it defines if the first names will be first, otherwise the last names will be first
    • Default: Y
    • Scope: Client


Business Partner

When first name or last name are filled, then the Name field is made read-only and it's saved as the concatenation of detailed names.

If first/last names are not filled then is intended to be a single name (for example a company name) and the user simply fills the Name accordingly (as usual)

LCO BPFirstName.png

How to Install

OSGi console

You can install the single plugin from the OSGi console too.

From the OSGi console (usually accessible using telnet localhost 12612) you can execute the following commands:

setbsl 5 org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.firstname  # to set the start level of the plugin
sta org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.firstname  # to start the plugin

Felix console

To install the plugin using the felix console (not recommended) you can download the plugin jar from org.globalqss.idempiere.LCO.firstname-8.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and use the felix console to install as usual, assign a start level of 5.

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