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This plugin contains the functionalities to make iDempiere ERP compatible with Brazilian regulations. This project was started in 2005 in Compiere times, after that it was migrated to Adempiere (witch still active with major fixes for Nota Fiscal and can be found here: bitbucket). If you are coming from Adempiere, it can migrated directly to latest version applying the migration scripts.

The main functionalities are:

  • Taxation ID fields (with validation)
  • Generic Tax Calculation with formulas
  • Nota Fiscal Eletrônica NF-e (Digital Invoicing for Sales)
  • Boleto Bancário (Billing integrated with major Brazilian Banks)
  • SPED (Digital Fiscal and Accounting)
  • Manifesto Eletrônico de Documentos Fiscais - MDF-e (Digital Authorization for transportation of goods)
  • Post Service (Correios) Freight Calculation
  • and more...

Additional Plugins

  • Banco Central do Brasil - This plugin adquire from BCB the latest currencies exchange rate from desired currency to BRL.
  • Libero Product BOM - This plugin uses the structure of Libero's BOM in Light Production.


Fresh Install

You can find the database DUMP in BitBucket. To update your code, follow the steps below:

# Criar pastas com repositório
mkdir /tmp/idempiere
mkdir /tmp/lbr

# Copiar release do BitBucket
wget -c -O /tmp/idempiere/Release_i6.2_201911.tgz
wget -c -O /tmp/lbr/Release_i6.2_LBR201911.tgz

# Descompactar
cd /tmp/idempiere
tar zxvf Release_i6.2_201911.tgz

cd /tmp/lbr
tar zxvf Release_i6.2_LBR201911.tgz

# Atualizar iDempiere
cd /opt/idempiere-server
./ file:///tmp/idempiere/repository/

# Atualizar LBR, o script tenta desinstalar primeiro, portanto se for a primeira instalação vai dar erro (veja abaixo) ao tentar desinstalar
# !MESSAGE The installable unit has not been found.
./ file:///tmp/lbr/repository/

Migrating from Adempiere

This plugin uses the ID range from 1.000.000 to 1.999.999, so make sure you do not have any data within this range before installing.

You should apply all scripts in migration-historic first, the script under folder 999999 will prepare the database for migration. Then you should apply the iDempiere and LBR scripts in the following order:

iDempiere -> 360lts-i1.0a
iDempiere -> i1.0a-i1.0b
iDempiere -> i1.0b-i1.0c
iDempiere -> i1.0c
iDempiere -> i1.0z
iDempiere -> i2.0
iDempiere -> i2.0z
iDempiere -> i2.1
iDempiere -> i2.1z
iDempiere -> i3.1
iDempiere -> i3.1z
iDempiere -> i4.1
iDempiere -> i4.1z
LBR -> i4.1
iDempiere -> i5.1
iDempiere -> i5.1z
iDempiere -> i6.1
iDempiere -> i6.1z
iDempiere -> i6.2
LBR -> i6.2

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