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Alan Lescano in BitBucket:

This project is OUT OF DATE and I am currently not able to maintain it

Este projeto foi descontinuado! infelizmente não consigo tempo disponível necessário para manter um projeto deste porte. Parabéns a todos que dedicaram tempo para fazer deste um ótimo produto!

You can find an alternative LBR here. Você pode encontrar uma versão alternativa da LBR aqui.


This functionality (group of plugins) adds support to Brazilian legislation related to:

  • Individuals and legal entities control on Business Partner window, including CEP/ZIP (lookup address using online services);
  • Taxes on sales and purchases (one of the most complex in the world, with about 15 daily new laws);
  • Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (fiscal electronic document that should be generated when selling goods/services, and validated through government webservices);
  • Boletos (bank bill document) and CNAB (file used to communicate exchange billing information, payments, statements, direct debit, etc);
  • SPED (fiscal control);
  • And many other resources needed for the Brazilian companies.

Due to the complexity (about 312 java classes, 23000 code lines, dozens of postgres/oracle scripts) the project was split into plugins:

  • org.idempierelbr.core (base for Brazil; includes translation and basic columns/fields for general use);
  • (requires core plugin; resources for configuring automatic calculation of brazilian taxes);
  • (requires core and tax plugins; generate and validate Nota Fiscal Eletrônica);
  • org.idempierelbr.openitem (requires core plugin; specific brazilian changes in reports and open item windows);
  • (requires core and openitem plugins; generate Boleto document, and bank communications);
  • (requires core, openitem and bank plugins; each brazilian bank as a plugin so its easier to generate new Boleto documents);
  • org.idempierelbr.sped (requires core, tax and nf plugins; generates SPED, a brazilian fiscal control document).


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Due the fact this is a specific brazilian localization, you can follow the project and get more information in portuguese through the link: