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Plugin InfoDialog

Plugin Infodialog
  • Maintainer: Patric Massing (Hans Auler GmbH)
  • Status: Testing
  • Licence: GPLv2
  • Author: Patric Massing (Hans Auler GmbH - p.massing (at)
  • Date: 2019
  • Required environment: iDempiere 7.1 or Testing, tested with 7.1 and Postgresql Database
  • Source : [1]
  • Description: A Dialog to provide self defined information
  • Documentation: Patric Massing (Hans Auler GmbH)

This Plug-in is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


GNU General Public License for more details.


Provides a toolbarbutton with startet a free configurable InfoDialog. The displayed information can be defined in a configuration window for each Window and Tab.


1. Install the plug-in over the osgi-console

The plugins creates a new menu for configuration and a new toolbarbutton.


Infodialog Menu

Toolbar Button

Infodialog Toolbar Button


Infodialog Configuration

Here you can define every information you want to get by starting the dialog in your current Window, like Sales Order, BPartner or Product..

  • Heading only: - The Dialog has two columns, pos 10 for left column label, pos 20 for right column label.
  • Description: -
  • Client: -
  • Organisation: -
  • Window: - The window for which the dialog is.
  • Tab: - The tab for which the dialog is.
  • Position: - The order of the row this information is displayed
  • Label: - label for the information
  • SQLStatement: - get the information with this statement. Placeholder for current Record_id is #Record_ID#

Is no configuration for the current window defined and you pressed the toolbar button, the following message appears.

Infodialog Configuration

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