Plugin: Google Drive Upload

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This is a Google Drive implementation for IDEMPIERE-4771 add Cloud Upload interface to report viewer and scheduler.


Install the plugin using felix web console or osgi console from

Running from Eclipse

  • Clone It should sit same level with your iDempiere source folder. For e.g, if your iDempiere source folder is at ~/idempiere-ws/idempiere, this should be cloned to ~/idempiere-ws/idempiere-plugins
  • Run mvn verify at the idempiere-plugins/com.trekglobal.gapi.client folder.
  • Import the project com.trekglobal.gapi.client to your Eclipse workspace. You can ignore the org.idempiere.zk.iceblue_c.theme project folder.
  • Add com.trekglobal.gapi.client to your launch configuration.

Reporting of Issue

  • Please report any issues encounter at github issue tracker
  • Pull request and patches are always welcome.
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