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The Fonts plugin for itextpdf.

Fonts from:

Source Han Sans | 思源黑体 | 思源黑體 | 思源黑體 香港 | 源ノ角ゴシック | 본고딕 TTF version of Source Han Sans from

Source Han Serif | 思源宋体 | 思源宋體 | 源ノ明朝 | 본명조 TTF version of Source Han Serif from

Sarasa Gothic / 更纱黑体 / 更紗黑體 / 更紗ゴシック / 사라사 고딕

WenQuanYi TTF version of WenQuanYi from

How to Use

Print Font

Print Font

Print Format

Print Format Item

Font in PDF

Font in iTextPDF

How to Install

OSGi Console

Install via Apache Felix Web Console

Download plugin jar from
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