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  • Creator: StabilisOne(PL) - [1]
  • Current Version: 7.1 (5.1 in separate branch)
  • License: GPLv2 - Free as in Freedom not Free Lunch
  • Source: [2]
  • Download: one.stabilis.cpbomtopr_7.1.0.202009261600.jar [3], one.stabilis.cpbomtopr_5.1.0.202009091430.jar 5.1 [4]


Based on IDEMPIERE-2438 Copy Product Process to include BOM records by Chuck Boecking (February 3, 2015).

Copy Product Process to include BOM records enables to copy BOM lines as well. This is important in manufacturing because it gives users the ability to create a 'template' product that represents a base bill of material (BOM).

Users can now quickly copy the template product's BOM into a new product and tweak as needed without re-creating the entire BOM line-for-line.

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Standard installation via Apache Felix

Plug-in parameters

M_Product_ID - ID of the product from which the BOM is copied

Steps To Use

Create a process

  • Search Key / Code: CopyBomToProduct
  • Named: Copy BOM
  • Data access level: Client + Organization
  • Class name: one.stabilis.cpbomtopr.CopyBomToProduct

Parameter of the process

  • Named: Copy from product
  • Name of the column in the database: M_Product_ID
  • Entity type: Dictionary
  • Reference override: Search
  • Element: M_Product_ID

Create a button

  • Localization: in the Toolbar Button tab of the Product window (level 0 tab),
  • Component Name: CopyBomToProduct
  • Name: Copy Bom To Product
  • Process: Copy BOM_CopyBomToProduct
  • Display logic: @IsBOM@ = Y

See Also

  • Copy BOM Records when Copying a Product (Copy Product Process) IDEMPIERE-2438 [[5]]
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