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This functionality adds a form called Cascade Delete Entities which can be used to delete transactional data, or even a complete client.

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  • Log in as System
  • Open the form Cascade Delete Entities
  • Select a client to work on
    • After the client is selected a list of tables containing records is shown in the left pane, with the count of records and a flag indicating if is a transactional table
  • Select the table or tables that you want to delete
    • When you select a table a tree is shown in the right pane displaying all the children tables that are going to be deleted/updated
    • You can select more than one table and the trees will be correspondingly shown
    • If you select the table AD_Client then the program tries to delete the whole client

01 CascadeDelete.png

  • Push the OK button (with the flag Dry Run checked)
    • Running the program with Dry Run shows the number of records that are going to be deleted (negative) or updated (positive)
  • Uncheck Dry Run
  • Push the OK button
    • This time the program tries to effectively delete the records from the database, at the end it will show the number of records that are going to be deleted (negative) or updated (positive), or an error message in case foreign keys issues were found.

02 CascadeDelete.png


  • Sometimes is not possible to delete the whole client because of foreign key issues, this is mostly caused by wrong dictionary definitions. In this case you can additionally select the tables that are causing the issues, or delete them isolated in a previous step.
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