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  • Please see the Bank Statement Matching Training Video for instructions on how to use this plugin.
  • Bank statements, which are typically imported, can contain many lines.
  • Reference information supplied by bank accounts on electronic bank statements, can be used to quickly automatically reconcile, and in many cases create the transactions in the system as well.
  • Each bank account is associated with one or more matching rules.
  • Each rule can match part of the description (or narration) on a bank statement line.
  • If the description matches a particular line on the bank statement, then:
    • The Business Partner field can be automatically populated on the line.
    • One of the following can be done automatically:
      • A charge can be automatically created for the line.
      • A payment be automatically created for the line.
      • An open payment can be automatically matched, based on the amount.
  • These rules can then be run, either for each line, or for the bank statement as a whole.

Source Code


  • Backup your DB and application server folder.
  • Download the latest plugin jar from (
  • Install the plugin jar via Felix Console.
    • The 2pack will be automatically applied.
  • Restart your application server.
  • Give access for your roles to the following process (or run Role Access Update, depending on your security policies)
    • Do cache reset after performing Role Access Update

BSM CreateMatcherProcessAccess.png

  • Change the title of the window and tab 'nTier Bank/Cash Statement' to be 'Bank Statement'. This is best done as follows:
    • Add translation to Window and Tab for your language, for the following window:

BSM WindowTranslation.png

How to use

  • The functionality is available in a window called 'nTier Bank/Cash Statement'.
    • Name may differ, depending on your translation.
    • Access the menu option by typing ntier in the search bar.

NBSM Menu.png

  • After installation, the title of the window should be changed to 'Bank Statement' by your administrator (see installation section).
  • The applicable options on the bank statement line are shown below:

NBSM LineOptions.png

Discussion and development

  • If you wish to discuss the development of the plugin, contribute code, or provide additional comments, please use the JIRA tracker.
  • You can also provide feedback on the Discussion page.

Outstanding issues

  • Use DB transaction
  • Translations of messages in the code
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